Ukrainian Bakery project was started in April 2017

After the First Ukrainian festival, we realised that Ukrainian cuisine is very interesting for South Africans and that it deserves to go on as a business.

We started with Easter bread, paskha. Then added few most popular cakes like Napoleon, Honey cake, Chocolate honey cake, poppy seed rolls etc

We joined to some local markets around Cape Town and started to present Ukrainian cuisine wider.  Due to many customers’ requests we added some traditional savoury items to our menu

In 2018 we were invited to SABC3 Expresso Morning Show to present Ukrainian cakes. It was great and exciting!
Currently we offer Ukrainian traditional cakes, baked goods, also some savoury range like borsch, varenyky (dumplings aka pierogi), adjika (chilli jam), cabbage rolls (holubtsi) etc

We are based in Strand but offer delivery around Cape Town

ukrainian market cape town
SABC3-Nadia Pryimak Ukrainian bakery Cape Town
Nadia Pryimak Ukrainian Bakery cape town

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